'Not to take away from the former lives of the garments, but to enhance them and allow a new journey that involves both the past and the present.'

Atelier of Curiosity 

Hi! My name is Mélanie van Tienen and I'm the face behind Atelier of Curiosity. I started with my brand in the current form in 2020 and love to tell you more about it.

My goal is to create a new world within this world, one that invites dreaming and wondering. A small space, one for you. 

With my designs I hope to spark creativity in you and make you feel amazing. The stories embroidered into the dress will gain more meaning as you wear the piece and weave your life into it as well.


I call it wearable poetry, because of the meaning of the symbols embroidered onto them. Some symbols from an universal language, ones we know very well. Creating new stories when being combined together.

All pieces are hand embroidered by me with DMC cotton thread, they are mostly vintage threads and do not lose their color over time.


I include a washing instruction with every piece, because it might vary depending on the material of the piece. Keep in mind that these pieces are vintage and some require to be hand washed. Always wash them inside out and if they can go in the washing machine, wash them in the included washing bag.